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Lap Panels on wooden posts

The most cost effective method to fence a garden. The panels are manufactured by Borderland to maintain quality. All timber is pressure treated (tanalised). A range of heights is available from 3-6 feet. Longer posts are available to add trellis to the top of the panel for more privacy. A wooden gravel board can be added to lift the panel out of the damp. The tanalised timber readily accepts treatment and a range of coloured stains are available.

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Lap Panels on slotted concrete posts

A longer lasting alternative is to fit the panels into slotted concrete posts. The concrete posts are long lasting and new panels can be slotted into the posts. A concrete gravel board can be added which again lengthens replacement intervals. The posts can be stained to the same colour as the panels.

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Closeboard Panels on slotted concrete posts

Closeboard panels are manufactured from thicker materials for a longer lasting and more secure boundary. They also slot into the posts and can be used with a concrete gravel board to extend life. Manufactured by Borderland from tanalised timber, a range of sizes is available. These panels can also be screwed to wooden posts if the customer prefers.

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Closeboard fencing

Using morticed posts and arris rails, this fencing is assembled on site. Gravel boards are normally fitted. The arris rails can also be attached to the posts using brackets. Morticed concrete posts are also available. All materials are tanalised. Alternate bays can be face- fixed in opposite direction to break up long runs.

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Closeboard face-fixed

Another option with closeboard is to face fix rails and clad to those. In this example concrete spur posts have been added and wooden gravel board. The concrete spurs are relatively permanent and new fencing can be bolted to them in the future.

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Post and Rail

Commonly used in more rural locations, post and rail is relatively inexpensive method to mark a boundary. Also available in round and half-round posts and rails.

European Style Panels

An exclusive range of hand-made top quality panels. Many different designs that add an elite touch to a garden, turning a fence into a feature. These panels are a premium product not commonly available, and we recommend you view them to appreciate the increase in quality, in either our Fareham Centre or our new centre at Silversprings Garden Centre We also stock a range of trellis panels, from open trellis to privacy lattice which are perfect for sectioning large gardens or covering neighbouring fencing. All are tanalised for long life.

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Palisade fencing

Often used to mark front garden boundaries, palisade fencing comes in either complete panels or separate pales that can be attached to rails. The top of the pales can be pointed or rounded.